The BACHELOR AND MORE online study portals (www.bachelor-and-more.de and .at) are the most comprehensive study portals in German-speaking Europe.

The portals contain relevant information on all kinds of topics related to undergraduate studies and study choice. They furthermore have an integrated search function that helps visitors to find a suitable Bachelors programme. On the portals, higher education institutions (national/international) can present their institution and undergraduate programmes to a large target group of future Bachelors students.

As a higher education provider, you can choose between several options of online promotion, such as comprehensive profiles, a banner, the "News Service" and the "University/Programme of the week" feature. By integrating links, you can increase the number of prospective students on your own website and social media.

Moreover, you can communicate with your target group through an article in the newsletter which is sent out monthly and through promoted posts on the Facebook page of the campaign.

Reach your target group online through the following BACHELOR AND MORE channels:

BACHELOR AND MORE - Online portals

The BACHELOR AND MORE portals have a reach of 203,500 page impressions per month (forecast 2018).

Get an impression of the online portals:


What are your options?

Comprehensive web profiles contain detailed information about your institution or programme. You can work with multimedia content and can link to your own institution/programme website. The profiles are online for one year and thus the institution and programmes are steadily visible on the portals.

Comprehensive profiles offer you the following key advantages:

  • You can include detailed information about your institution and/or programme
  • You can integrate links to your own website and social media
  • You can embed photos, videos and testimonials
  • Your profiles will be shown prominently in the results of the search engine (above the basic profiles)
  • You will receive information requests from interested website visitors
  • You can increase the number of prospective students on your own website
  • University/Programme of the week

Highlight your institution or a particular programme via the "University of the week" or "Programme of the week" feature. These features are visible on the main page and subpages of the respective Bachelors portal and will link directly to the respective institution or programme profile.

  • Banner

Catch visitors' attention by placing a banner. The banner (skyscraper 120x600 px) appears on all pages of the respective BACHELOR AND MORE portal (incl. homepage).

  • Web News Service

The Web News Service gives you the opportunity to publish important news, such as an invitation to an open day, on the BACHELOR AND MORE online channels. The news post will be published on:

  • The BACHELOR AND MORE portal in question as “Top News“ and in the events calendar
  • The BACHELOR AND MORE Facebook fan page
  • The BACHELOR AND MORE Twitter channel


Each month the BACHELOR AND MORE newsletter is sent out to high-school students, teachers, career advisors and guidance counsellors. This newsletter contains articles from various higher education institutions (both national and international) as well as articles about study-related topics, such as financing, admissions and rankings.


What are your options?

  • Editorial articles

By publishing an editorial article (including photos and videos) about your institution and programmes, you can benefit from the broad reach of the newsletter with about 22,000 subscribers.

BACHELOR AND MORE - Facebook fan page

The BACHELOR AND MORE Facebook page has more than 15,500 fans and is an ideal channel to share your study-related information with your target group of prospective Bachelor students.

Get an impression of the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bachelorandmore


What are your options?

  • Promoted Facebook posts

By highlighting your institution, programme or event through a promoted post, the BACHELOR AND MORE Facebook fans and their friends can be reached in a targeted way.

Do you have any questions about our services?

Please feel free to get in touch with our team. You can reach us at:

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E borderconcepts@bo-co.eu




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