Online marketing for universities 

Directly to the heart of your target group

Are you looking to promote your institution, study courses, open days or application deadlines? Our study portals and social media channels provide you with just the right features. We follow the principle of audience-centred communication. Our online platforms enable you to achieve increased visibility among your target audience as well as a wide reach all-year round.

Premium profiles – Show prospective students who you are!

Premium profiles are detailed online representations of your institution and study programmes. They give you the opportunity to create an authentic personalised image by using your own texts, photos and videos. Publishing your profiles helps you to capture potential students' attention and increase interest for studying at your institution.

  • Increase your online visibility throughout the year
  • Get a higher ranking in the portal’s search engine
  • Boost your own website traffic by linking to your website and social media pages
  • Benefit from high click-through rates (ø 46%)
Increase your online visibility throughout the year

Promote your university online - more ways to highlight your courses:

Web News Service
Banner advertising
Institution of the week
Programme of the week
Social Media Channels
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Web News Service

Become our headline - Make announcements, promote upcoming events and publish other news. Prominent positioning of your news on the homepage as well as on our social media pages.

Banner advertising

Always in sight - Promote your programmes, events or other news with a banner and remain in the focus of attention of website users.

Institution of the week

One week of fame - Bring your institution in the centre of attention and increase awareness of your offers. The teaser is featured on the homepage and subpages for one week.

Programme of the week

Programme-boost - Highlighted on the portal for a week, this feature provides you with the opportunity to boost awareness for a specific study programme.

Social Media Channels

Thumbs up - Use our social media platforms to speak to young people at their level. This gives you direct interaction and engagement with future students.

Premium profiles enable us to make a big group of prospective students aware of our study courses. The proven increase in traffic to our own website also speaks for the success of our collaboration. On top of that, the support provided by the team is always very pleasant, which is why I can strongly recommend the concept.
We use the MASTER AND MORE online portals to promote our study programmes. The portals give us a steady, consistent stream of leads. The format is simple, straightforward and the conversion rate has always been good.

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