We are a success story

Inspiring German students in the border region to pursue their studies in the neighbouring Dutch city of Enschede – this was the project that Karel Otte, Sjaik Djorai and Michael Lülf took on during their time at university. The three students saw potential in the domain, developed a business plan and founded border concepts.

A lot has happened since that moment in 2003.  border concepts has transformed from a student-run start-up to a midsize company with an international orientation. Today, we organise numerous study fairs in various European countries and offer online and print projects for our clients. By doing so, we provide comprehensive platforms and contact opportunities for universities and prospective students in Europe.

Throughout all changes and developments, one thing has remained the same: our passion for providing services that succesfully bring together prospective students and higher education institutions.

Our mission:
Higher education marketing with passion

With a combination of experience and enthusiasm, border concepts GmbH is positioned at the interface of higher education providers and prospective students. We offer outstanding opportunities to institutions that enable them to reach their target group in various European countries. Our services, which comprise student recruitment fairs as well as online and print projects, allow for communication that is specifically geared to potential students.

We are deeply committed to our task

  • We assist higher education providers in finding suitable candidates for their offers.
  • It is our goal to help young people with making a well-informed decision about higher education.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount to us.
  • We thereby encourage prospective students to reach their full potentials and to successfully shape their study time and career start.

border concepts as event organiser – we are…


The team:
Let us support you!

Clients particularly value the high quality of our services and the outstanding level of customer support. How do we accomplish that? By focussing on your goals and by being readily available to assist you.

Our team consists of people with diverse professional backgrounds. You can rely on professional and individual assistance - from the first proposal to the implementation of the project.

Tobias M. Bürger
Marco Bespaluk
Michael Lülf
Managing director
Lilli Brand
Celina Förster
Dirk Deeken
Carmen Schestag
Maria Istatkova
Andrea Mannebeck
Parental leave
Philipp Diemon
Adriana Kappelhoff
Conrad Mielczarek
Birgit Wilming
Karel G. Otte
Managing director
Sandra Kamionka
Valerie Warnecke-Djorai
Lisa Hunke
Elena Stoykova
Sjaik N.A. Djorai
Managing director

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