Student marketing - a specific campaign for each target group

Successful student recruitment begins with the right match!

The different target groups in student marketing

All target groups are looking for study-related information, however find themselves at various stages of the study selection process. This is a key challenge in student marketing.

Our goal is to guide and to help prospective students in their quest to find the right study programme. This is exactly what we achieve with our targeted campaigns. Our platforms enable prospective students and institutions to have meaningful and mutually beneficial interactions and thus offer a perfect way for universities to promote their study programmes.

With us, you will reach the right audience:
Interested. Eager. Qualified.

Your target group:
Prospective undergraduate students

  • 16-21 years old
  • Qualified to undertake higher education
  • Little knowledge of the world of higher education
  • On the lookout for an undergraduate programme
  • Topics: general advice on studying, study opportunities, financing and student life

With BACHELOR AND MORE you will be able to effectively reach prospective undergraduate students from Germany and Austria and draw attention to your Bachelors programmes:

The Studienscout-NL campaign covers online marketing channels through which Dutch higher education institutions reach prospective students from Germany who have a specific interest in studying in the Netherlands:

Your target group:
Parents of prospective undergraduate students

  • Changed higher education landscape as a result of the Bologna Process
  • Searching for information regarding the new system
  • Play a key role in their children’s study choice process
  • Looking to give their children a smooth start to student life
  • Topics: higher education system, financing, admissions and start of study

Parent-oriented information and marketing measures within the field of student marketing have never been more important. The BACHELOR AND MORE campaign is there to help you reach this intermediary target group with special offers for parents:


Your target group:
Prospective postgraduate students

  • 20-35 years old
  • Current undergraduates and those holding an undergraduate degree
  • Searching for a suitable postgraduate programme
  • Looking for opportunities to gather professional experience
  • Field of study partly predetermined by undergraduate degree
  • With and without professional experience
  • Topics: specialisation opportunities, admissions, career entry and perspectives

Through the MASTER AND MORE campaign you will reach the right target group for your postgraduate programmes, internships or other relevant offers for prospective postgraduates:


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