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border concepts is a German marketing agency focusing on higher education marketing and student recruitment in Europe.


border concepts for higher education institutions and business companies

border concepts offers effective recruitment platforms for international higher education institutions and business companies to systematically recruit prospective students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and other European countries.

These recruitment channels and platforms consist of e.g. fairs, print media, web portals as well as customized marketing campaigns and CRM and help international institutions to recruit (high-school) students, graduates or young professionals for their undergraduate, postgraduate or (E)MBA programmes or career opportunities.

border concepts for (high-school) students, graduates and young professionals

border concepts offers (high-school) students, graduates and young professionals in Europe several platforms (such as fairs, seminars, print media, web portals and individual consultancy services) to inform themselves about undergraduate, postgraduate and (E)MBA-level study and career options from a wide range of (international) institutions.

Company vision

Young Europeans looking for a study programme or job opportunity nowadays are spoilt for choice. As a result of the Bologna process, European countries have implemented standardized Bachelors and Masters programmes, making it relatively easy for European students to start a study programme at any higher education institution in Europe. A high-school graduate from Berlin, for example, could easily do his undergraduate studies in Amsterdam, then continue with a Masters programme in Stockholm and finally do his PhD in Munich.

border concepts wants to help young people in Europe benefit from these growing opportunities by developing education fairs, online portals and print media, as well as individualized advising services on how to find the right study programme or a first job. These services enable higher education institutions and business companies to get in contact with pupils, students, graduates and young professionals and promote their various study programmes and job opportunities. In this way, border concepts creates the link between the institution and the prospective student, thereby laying the foundation for increasing mobility among young Europeans.

Greater flexibility concerning students' choice of degree programmes – both at home and abroad – has a number of positive effects. Due to the “boundless” diversity of possibilities, more and more students can enrol in their desired study programme. This development leads to a decrease in dropout rates in higher education institutions, as well as decreasing numbers of students who have to wait several semesters to be accepted for their desired study programme. In turn, students can generally complete their studies more quickly, compared to previous years.

Furthermore, studying abroad broadens young people’s horizons and increases their intercultural tolerance, which can be very beneficial for international economic relations as well as wealth and peace in Europe.

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