The BACHELOR AND MORE fairs offer higher education institutions an ideal platform to reach prospective undergraduate students in Germany and Austria.

Characteristic for our fairs are the strong focus on a specific target audience and the well informed visitors. The targeted matching of visitors and exhibitors ensures exhibiting institutions to find the right candidates for their undergraduate programmes.


What can you expect at BACHELOR AND MORE?

  • Exclusive target audience: prospective undergraduate students + parents
  • Motivated and voluntary visitors: The fairs always take place on the weekend. In this way, we can guarantee that all visitors come voluntarily and out of their own motivation (no compulsory visits by high school classes).
  • Targeted matching: Visitors receive a personalised fair magazine which guides them through the fair and helps them to find the universities/programmes matching with their interest. 
  • Lead collection system: To start the follow-up process and to efficiently stay in contact with prospective students after the fair, exhibitors have access to our easy to use online lead collection system.
  • Full-service fair package: At each fair location, institutions can book a fully-equipped booth. Exhibitors are also able to add a 20-minute presentation slot within our seminar programme.


Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us:

T +49 2562 - 99 38 205
E borderconcepts@bo-co.eu

Fair locations and dates




Warning regarding foreign companies that use our fairs for dubious offers

Our exhibitors have subsequently received highly dubious requests from foreign companies that pretend to offer services related to our fairs, e.g. update of exhibitors’ guide, sales of visitor data. Signing a contract can cause very high costs.
Please note that we are not affiliated with, or in any way engaged in a business relationship with these firms, and have never given them permission to contact our clients. Moreover, we did not give them permission to use our company and/or brand name(s). We dissociate and distance ourselves in every respect from these firms and the offers that they make.

We warn of contracts with the following companies:

  • International Fair Directory
  • Expo Guide
  • Global Promedia
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