Great Britain

Durham University Business School

This is the first time we’ve done the MASTERS AND MORE fair in Cologne and it’s been a very positive experience. There has been a good number of visitors coming along, and they’ve been interested in all of our business school programmes which is great. Particularly because of the lower tuition fees, German students are open to the idea of studying in UK. Also, they were very well prepared and had visited our website in advance. They already knew which specific programmes they were interested in and had clearly done their research before attending the fair.”

(Lindsay Duke, Durham University Business School)


University of Nottingham

The organization of the fair went extremely smoothly. On our arrival everything was well-prepared, just as we expected it and we got great support and help from the organizational staff. Moreover, all communication prior to the fair was clear and effective and the members portal was easy to use. The MASTER AND MORE fair is very important for us as it allows interaction with the students and we were pleased with the quality of students who came to see us. Most of the students were well-prepared and informed about what the University of Nottingham offers. It was nice to see that students arrived at the fair in a constant flow throughout the day. We would definitely recommend the fair to other universities.“

(Tim Bailey, University of Nottingham)


University of Essex

We’ve met some really strong students, who know what they want to study. They are very well informed in their subject area and they have been doing research on our university, they’ve been on our website and went through the degrees we offer. So many students have detailed questions for us - and that’s what we’re here for: to answer their questions. We’ve been speaking to a lot of good quality students too. We attend fairs all over the world – UK, EU and international. What is special about student recruitment in Germany is for one hand, that students are well informed and want to know very specific information about the education in Great Britain. However on the other hand they are used to a free education for their Bachelors degree and they know that they will have to pay for a Masters in the UK – so financing is an important issue in Germany.”

(Emma Ritson, University of Essex)


Bangor University

The organization of the event was excellent, which was evidenced by a good turn-out. I met a high number of well-qualified candidates with a variety of subject interests. The students I spoke to were well-informed about the kind of postgraduate options available to them; they had pertinent questions and an obviously genuine interest in further study.
I would certainly recommend the fair to other institutions. It is a good medium to meet well-qualified, thoughtful candidates who may otherwise never have discovered the university

(Michael Rogerson, Bangor University)


University of Birmingham

"It’s been excellent. We’ve barely stopped and had a huge amount of people visiting the booth. They’ve generally been well informed and were interesting to talk to. They were interested in a huge range of different courses. So we’ve been slightly surprised by quite how busy it’s been, it surpassed our expectations."

(Stephen Webley, University of Birmingham)


Swansea University

"The fair was very well organised – from the communication beforehand all the way through to the booths here at the fair location. The students, we met here today, absolutely matched our target group: They speak really good English and meet all our entry requirements.
This year we wanted to look at Masters marketing in Germany, so we took part in all three Masters fairs this Spring. Entering the German recruitment market with border concepts worked very well - my expectations were exceeded

(Phil Jarman, Swansea University)


Edinburgh Napier University

This was our first trial with the MASTER AND MORE fair and we were very pleased with the outcome. The organisation in the run-up to the fair was very organised and well-prepared: the communication from border concepts was very good and the clear and coherent website makes the organization even simpler. We definitely met our target group at the fair. That showed us that the fair was clearly promoted to the right target audience. The students and potential applicants we spoke to were very motivated and well-informed, they had clear destinations in mind and often targeted the institutions themselves. That was a strong indication of both the student motivation and the clear targeting. We also had a presentation. It was well-attended, with a vast majority of students who had visited the stand before and were seeking for additional and contextual information on the institution. I would certainly recommend the fair to other institutions. “

(Patrick Harte, Edinburgh Napier University)


London School of Business & Finance

It was a very valuable experience for us and for the students. I had a great time! The quality of the students is high. They know exactly what they want.”

(Heidi Claassen, London School of Business & Finance)


Kingston University

"The Cologne Master and More fair was our first time exhibiting at a recruitment fair in Germany and it proved a very positive experience. We met with a high number of quality potential students and the organisation and support from Border Concepts was first rate."

(Rob Flattery, Kingston Business & Law School)


University of Lincoln

"The fair was well organised and with a central location, easy to find and commute to.  Pre-fair administration and the pre-arrival information, via the online system was easy to use and comprehensive.  The set up and layout of the fair was professional and the furniture on the stand is smart and extremely functional.

The fair exceeded my expectations, we spoke to a high number of students, most of whom were well prepared and had identified particular programmes of interest to them.  

I would definitely recommend this fair, and other Master and More fairs to colleagues.  They are well organised, professional and the volume, and quality of students spoken to on the day made the event a success."

(Claire Mann, University of Lincoln)


Toulouse Business School

This has been a perfect fair for us. I have participated in a lot of similar fairs in different countries and found that the quality of the visitors at the MASTER AND MORE fair was really good.
We plan to come back in the future. I was very well taken care of by the team during the fair.

(Hao Wang, Toulouse Business School, France)


University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne

"This is our second fair with MASTER AND MORE. One reason we chose to come back is the fact that it is very well organized: Setting up our stand takes very little time because everything is already in place for us. Also, receiving a list of students who have made appointments with us at the fair is extremely helpful. Coming to the fair I already knew I would have a couple of consultations and the students informed themselves about us and our programs as well. That was excellent. I spoke to a lot of very interesting students.  They knew what programs are available at our university and they were looking for more information and details about Masters study programs and specifically in France.”

(Morgan Hull-Brousmiche, University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, France)


ESSEC Business School

The organization is excellent not only before but also during the fair. I was very much impressed and I have never experienced such a professional fair.
My expectations of the fair were to have 30 contact sheets by the end of the day and even though I haven’t counted them yet I think that the expectations were exceeded. I was very surprised to see so many students who had interesting questions or who had already looked up the website.
I would certainly recommend the MASTER AND MORE fair to Business Schools and other international institutions who are interested in reaching a pool of young German graduates

(Françoise Lafon, ESSEC Business School)


HEC Paris

"Compared to other student fairs that I have joined everywhere, I think the organization of the MASTER AND MORE fair is perfect both before and during the fair. The most important thing is to have good qualified students and today we had very interesting students with very good profiles. Even though this is the first fair presence of HEC in Stuttgart, visitors who come to our booth have already done research about our school and I’m very glad about that. This proofs that the fair marketing of border concepts worked very well."

(Britta Delhay, HEC Paris)

EDHEC Business School

"I was very pleased with the turnout of the MASTER AND MORE fair, since interest in EDHEC Business School rose with 10% from last year.The students I met at the fair displayed a strong desire to further their education. They were open-minded with interesting backgrounds. With these qualities they will undoubtedly be successful students in EDHEC Business School."

(Liz Tomacruz, EDHEC Business School)



The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam

The cooperation and organization were flawless. We were always kept up to date. I think we will participate again next year.”

(Linda de Haan, University of Amsterdam)


University of Groningen

A great event that gives you the opportunity to get in contact with your target group. We are looking forward to the next MASTER AND MORE fairs!“

(Joana Rosenkranz, University of Groningen)


Radboud University Nijmegen

In Germany, there is an unprecedented market opportunity for institutions that offer programmes in Social Sciences.

(Hub Nijssen, Radboud University Nijmegen)




Technical University of Denmark

I think marketing was really good. Most of the students have come in at the right time and they are very focused. We are glad with the kind of students that came in here. We are also very happy with the lead system that has been introduced […]. It actually gives us the possibility to get in touch with the students when we get home. [...] I think this is an excellent system that started this year and I would really recommend it.

(Vanita Singh, Technical University of Denmark)


Malmö University

It was the right amount of students, they had the right requirements, they had the right backgrounds and lot of them were interested in the kind of niche programmes that we offer which made us really happy.”

(Anna Skarpeke, Malmö University)


University of Nordland

We ran out of brochures quickly! The fair is for Masters students only which made it easier for us to have tailor-made information. The organization was professionally done and I am very happy that we participated.”

(Monica Brobakk, University of Nordland)


Jönköping University

"We have been doing the MASTER AND MORE fair for the last four years and I must say that the fairs are quite consistent and reliable. We get many visitors with lots of interest and today was no difference. Therefore I absolutely would recommend the fair to other universities, when they are interested in the German market, to join the MASTER AND MORE fairs."

(Eric Freid, Jönköping University, Sweden)



BI Norwegian Business School

We definitely did meet our target group at the MASTER AND MORE fair. We talked to a lot of serious students who were very well prepared and knew exactly what kind of programme they were looking for.”

(Betina R. Asplin, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway)



Customers from other countries

Kozminski University

"We were very satisfied; a lot of people visited our booth and were interested in our programmes. We had a lot of good conversations and were able to consult the visitors intensively. The organization went very smoothly and the atmosphere on the fair is really good.

We also collected many leads and email addresses, which was made very easy and practical by the lead collection system.

We would like to keep cooperating with border concepts and participate in more fairs in the future."

(Edyta Sierosławska and Kamil Kuklis)


ESERP Business School

"We are really happy because we met many students interested in our Masters studies at the fair today. Lots of the visitors speak Spanish and were already well informed about our school, that was really positive. We would like to participate again at the MASTER AND MORE fair, not only in Vienna but also in other cities."

(Natalia Ensenat Bibiloni, ESERP Business School, Spain)



"I thought that the location, first of all, was great, it’s very neat. There were people coming in all day long. The majority of them was well informed  and came asking directly about the programs."



University of Economics, Prague

"The organization was great. My Team and I appreciated the location of the Fair at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität as well as the catering and location of our booth. Students came with their family members and friends so we could demonstrate great facilities at our University and either promote the Czech Republic. Prospective students were very well prepared and had some basic knowledge about programs offered at the University of Economics, Prague. Overall, I would evaluate this event as excellent!"

(Lenka Poskerová, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic)


Politecnico di Milano

"It was our first time in Prague and we are very satisfied with the event. I met a good number of students with good English and excellent level of education. I hope they will be interested in applying and studying at Politecnico di Milano!"

(Chiara Mambretti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)


University of Lugano

The fair was an all-around success and very well organized. We received friendly assistance and were always able to count on the organization team. I think no one could have done a better job at organizing this event than MASTER AND MORE.“

(Nicole Bandion, University of Lugano, Switzerland)


Catolica Lisbon

The MASTER AND MORE fair is very well-segmented, which is especially important for us at this point. The visitors are specifically looking for Masters programmes and not for PhDs or undergraduate degrees.
We are used to taking part in international education fairs, and this is one of the best organized fairs that we attended in the last two years

(Catarina Simão, Catolica Lisbon, Portugal)


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

My expectations were absolutely exceeded. I did not expect the visitor traffic to be so high at our stand. It was definitely worth participating.“

(Andrea Dannenberg, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany)


Università Bocconi

It was definitely worth to participate in the fair and we will also take it into consideration to participate next year.”

(Veronica Vassena, Università Bocconi, Italy)


ESCP Europe

We talked to many interested students today that met the profile we are looking for. We are from Berlin and have a lot of experience with educational fairs. This has by far been the best fair in Berlin that we have ever participated in.“

(Dr. Holger Endrös, ESCP Europe, Germany)


Brandeis University

The students at the MASTER AND MORE fair have been incredibly passionate. They were very eager to learn about our university and spent a lot of time asking very good questions. I’ve talked to a lot of students who have done a semester abroad in the United States as a Bachelor’s student and who want to return here as a Master’s student. So we definitely met our target group. Fairs in the United States should follow the organization of the MASTER AND MORE fair. In preparation of the fair, everything was very well-communicated and information was really thorough. I appreciate the personalized attention of the MASTER AND MORE team. I definitely recommend the fair to colleagues in the United States.”

(David Cotter, Brandeis University, USA)


EduCanada - Embassy of Canada

"Due to the perfect communication prior and during the MASTER AND MORE fair in Berlin, we felt very satisfied with the service and organization. Also the location, the Postbahnhof Berlin, had a special character and is especially attractive for younger people such as students. We were happy to see that the demand for Masters programmes in Canada is still on a high level. We had a lot of good conversations with well-prepared students. We would recommend this fair not only to other higher education institutions but also to prospective Masters students who need more information about national and international institutions and programmes.”

(Bastian Wiesemann, EduCanada – Embassy of Canada)


Centre for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University

"We would be recommending the fair. We find this kind of promotion as a very good way to present the studies and to show the programme offer. It's mutually beneficial for the Univeristy to meet perspective students personally and for candidates to talk to representatives of the University.

Many students were well prepared to the discussion. So I must say, they made their homework. We are very pleased that they had familiarized with our offer before they came here."

(Sylwia Boryka - Centre for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University)



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