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Already during their studies, Karel Otte, Sjaik Djorai, and Michael Lülf were engaged in recruiting new students for their university. The three students saw potential in this area, developed a business plan, and thus initiated the founding of border concepts.

Since its establishment in 2003, we have evolved from a student start-up to a medium-sized company. Today, we are experts in the field of fair organisation, providing excellent networking opportunities for universities, companies, and prospective applicants.

A strong team

We are a team of specialists from various fields of expertise. What unites us, is our enthusiasm for our mission: to effectively bring together potential candidates and educational providers. Our clients value us because we deliver an exceptionally high level of service and quality: Our team is always available to assist and dedicated to helping you reaching your goals.

Event marketing with enthusiasm:

Jana Abbing
Design, Marketing+49 2562 - 9938
Berivan Ayten
Marketing Working Student
Marco Bespaluk
Web Development+49 2562 - 9938
Heike Böcker
Sales+49 2562 - 9938
Carina Bornemann
Sales+49 2562 - 9938
Tobias M. Bürger
Event Organisation+49 2562 - 9938
Philipp Diemon
Web Development+49 2562 - 9938
Sjaik Djorai
Managing Director+49 2562 - 9938
Celina Förster
Marketing+49 2562 - 9938
Froukje Knol
Sales+49 2562 - 9938
Andrea Mannebeck
Parental leave
Karel Otte
Managing Director+49 2562 - 9938
Melike Polat
Marketing Working Student
Maike Wähning
Sales+49 2562 - 9938
Valerie Warnecke-Djorai
Event Organisation, Marketing+49 2562 - 9938
Birgit Wilming
Office Manager+49 2562 - 9938
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