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First choice in Higher Education and HR Marketing: As an exhibitor at the BACHELOR AND MORE and MASTER AND MORE fairs, as well as Azubi2B, you are live there when young people plan their professional futures. In personal consultation sessions and presentations, you can present your educational offer optimally to attract suitable applicants.
We are experts in the field of Event Marketing and Organisation, ensuring that you can fully concentrate on your core competencies, and are here for you – before, during, and after the fair.

Target groups – Optimal matching

Masters students
MASTER AND MORE is aimed at Bachelors students and graduates looking to pursue a Master’s degree. Promote your institution, Masters programmes, internships, and other career opportunities at the fairs.
Bachelors students
Through BACHELOR AND MORE, you will reach academic secondary school students and graduates, directing the attention of prospective students to your university and Bachelors programmes.

Parents, as important influencers in their children’s decisions, represent another target group you will meet at the fairs.
Training candidates
Azubi2B is the fair for academic secondary school graduates interested in Vocational Training Programmes. Present your company and training offers.

This young target audience (often) needs the support and guidance of their parents during career orientation – the Azubi fairs also provide a platform for them.

Why exhibit at our fairs?

Personal contact with exactly the right target audience
Motivated and informed visitors due to voluntary fair attendance
Exceptional high quality of consultations thanks to pre-event planning
All-inclusive packages and personal support by our team
Enthusiasm for fairs and marketing drives us forward
Through teamwork, we are fully committed to your success


years of experience – We know our way around the education industry


recommendation rate from exhibitors


successfully organised fairs


of exhibitors praise the level of service at our events

“We are very happy about the positive feedback from our clients and the successful event season, and warmly thank all exhibitors.” The border concepts team
Ciara HallidayUniversity of Limerick, Ireland
Abigail LalorUniversity College Dublin, Ireland
Christian KochKristianstad University, Sweden
Matthew IbbersonUniversity of Manchester, UK
Claire BourgetonAudencia Business School, France
Joana AreitioDeusto Business School, Spain
Maneh Tonoyanesade Business and Law School, Spain
Virginia HarveyGrenoble Ecole de Management, France
Daniel Cau VarmingUniversity of Stavanger, Norway
Ladislav TyllPrague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic
Helena BengtssonHalmstad University, Sweden
Rachael ParsonsUniversity of Edinburgh, UK

Join us – here, we will bring you together with your target audience:

Masters students
  • 08.11.2024 | Cologne
  • 15.11.2024 | Vienna
  • 19.11.2024 | Graz
  • 22.11.2024 | Stuttgart
  • 30.11.2024 | Frankfurt
  • 04.12.2024 | Berlin
  • 06.12.2024 | Hamburg
  • 25.01.2025 | Münster

  • 09.05.2025 | Düsseldorf
  • 14.05.2025 | Nuremberg
  • 16.05.2025 | Munich

Bachelors students
  • 09.11.2024 | Cologne
  • 16.11.2024 | Vienna
  • 23.11.2024 | Stuttgart
  • 01.12.2024 | Frankfurt
  • 07.12.2024 | Hamburg
  • 26.01.2025 | Münster

  • 10.05.2025 | Düsseldorf
  • 17.05.2025 | Munich

Training candidates
  • 23.11.2024 | Stuttgart

further 2025 fair dates will follow

Your booking options

Package S

  • Exhibition space 9m²
  • 1 counter
  • 1 high table
  • 2 bar stools
  • 2 catering vouchers

  • WiFi access
  • Power supply
  • Inclusion in the exhibitor listing


Package M

  • Exhibition space 12m²
  • 1 counter
  • 1 high table
  • 3 bar stools
  • 3 catering vouchers

  • WiFi access
  • Power supply
  • Inclusion in the exhibitor listing


Package L

  • Exhibition space 15m²
  • 1 counter
  • 1 high table
  • 3 bar stools
  • 3 catering vouchers

  • WiFi access
  • Power supply
  • Inclusion in the exhibitor listing


Package XL

  • Exhibition space 18m²
  • 2 counters
  • 2 high tables
  • 4 bar stools
  • 4 catering vouchers

  • WiFi access
  • Power supply
  • Inclusion in the exhibitor listing



Exhibition space on request:
from 20m²



20-minute presentation slot


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