Working at border concepts

border concepts is a young and dynamic organization located in the heart of Europe. Our employees have a high level of responsibility in their very diverse fields of activities. We see ourselves as a “learning organization”, which is constantly evolving.

New ideas and creativity

We certainly have clearly defined fields of activities at our company. Hierarchies at border concepts, however, are rather flat – stimulating an open and creative communication. We appreciate proactive employees and entrepreneurial thinking.

Working climate at border concepts

A positive working climate is the best and most important basis for satisfied and motivated employees.

When recruiting new employees, therefore, we not only look at an applicant's professional qualifications but also at their individual personality. We only offer you a work contract if we are sure that you are the most qualified person for the vacant job and a great fit for our team.

Perspectives and promotional opportunities

border concepts is a constantly developing company with an annual growth rate of approximately 20-30 percent.  It offers young people the possibility to grow along with the organization and take over more and more responsibilities. The way in which you show your entrepreneurial acting and thinking, as well as the results of your work are important criteria for your promotion within the company.


Our complex projects are not completed by a single person but mostly by a project team. Therefore, successful teamwork is crucial.

In order to improve team spirit at border concepts, we regularly organize teambuilding activities beyond our daily working routine. Some examples are the annual visit of the Christmas market in Münster, or annual team events (e.g. sailing weekend).

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