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Project U supports prospective students from Germany in shaping their individual career paths.
The division into two target groups – in those who are interested in a Bachelors degree and those who are interested in a Masters degree – ensures that every visitor is provided with matching content to help them on their individual path.

Project U offers a modern and pleasant ambience. The participating higher education institutions represent themselves in individually designed virtual consultation rooms.

Project U is...

Available 24/7 Up-to-date Modern
Individual Wide-ranging Interactive

Become part of Project U to help prospective students on their path!


How to reach prospective students from Germany with Project U?

Watch our video tutorials (English subtitles available)

Showing young people the prospects for their future


Optimal combination of the advantages of online promotion and attending fairs


Unaffected by contact and travel restrictions


Easy contact options for visitors during university working hours


Customised presentation options for institutions


Information for prospective students available at any time


Customise your virtual consultation room– with your own design and content

Each participating institution receives access to its own virtual room which can be designed individually, for instance by using the own corporate design. Content for publishing can also be chosen individually.


Own design Videos Images & Documents Informative texts
Study programme listing Links to your website Contact form Optionally: Chat & Call function


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48599 Gronau

+49 2562 99380

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