Great Britain

University of Derby

"The conversations I had with the students on the fair today went really well. There was a steady flow of students attending our booth and they were really interested and asked very in depth questions. Therefore, I would absolutely recommend the fair to other universities. It was a wonderful day!"

(Bev Reardon, University of Derby)


University of Chester

“The BACHELOR AND MORE fair has been excellent. The quality of students has been very good, they are inquisitive and seeking valued information. A number of students were already informed about our courses and it was very enjoyable to further educate them about our university. (…) We also used the new lead collection system which has been fantastic - a very easy and fast way to capture the data and to process it afterwards. It has been a very successful day for us.”

(Katy Reno Davenport, University of Chester)


University of East Anglia

The event has been absolutely fantastic, much better than we expected. We’ve had an enormous number of visitors and a lot of interest, which is not something that UK universities can always count upon when mixed in amongst German or other continental European universities. The students had a very good level of English as well as being highly qualified - they were exactly the kind of students that we were looking for. I was also very pleased that the visitors were given a list of courses that we offer, because this has allowed them to really prepare and choose a programme that they want to speak to us about.”

(Hannah Dunlop, University of East Anglia)


University of Reading

We had a good number of students and some very interested ones. With regards to the exhibitors, there is an interesting variety of different universities and nationalities. All the students that have come to us knew what they wanted to study and were a good match for us. A lot of them have done their homework and looked at the courses in advance. They asked very specific questions.

(Katja Durkin, University of Reading)


University College Birmingham

"The Bachelor and More fair in Cologne was really a great event from the organization till the event itself it was a complete success and I met many interested and well prepared students. A big thanks to the organizers and students for this nice fair."

(Caroline Blocksdorf, University College Birmingham)

The Netherlands

Tilburg University

„By number of visitors and quality of visitors the fair was very well targeted. I think border concepts has done a very good preparation and promotion, because I liked the quality and quantity of visitors who showed up.
We had very good talks at the fair. Especially the registration system for visitors works very well. When they visit a booth they know exactly for what programme and they have very targeted questions. Today, I had the feeling that pupils who visited our booth were really interested in our programmes and in Tilburg University in general.“

(Omid Feyli, Tilburg University)


NHTV Breda

"We are very pleased to come to Germany because the German students seem to be well motivated and are very interested in our programmes. They seem to really be focused on finding the right university that suits them – in our case management related courses in the fields of Tourism, Leisure, Logistics, Facility etc. Also our presentation was fully booked and many visitors showed up at the booth afterwards to ask questions. The organization of the event was very good, we were well taken care of.”

(Myrna Schumacher, NHTV Breda)


Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

“The organisation of the fair as well as the conversations with future students at our booth were very good. Looking at the amount of talks with interested visitors, our expectations were met. We would definitely recommend the fair to other institutions.
Overall, it was a successful day for Zuyd University of Applied Sciences."

(Anita Straet, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences)


Artevelde University College Ghent, Karel de Grote University College

“We are at the BACHELOR AND MORE fair for the first time. As representatives of two Belgian institutions, we are glad to meet many visitors here who are interested in studying abroad and in our study programmes. It has exceeded our expectations. The preparatory phase in advance to the event was perfect and most professional. There are many details that need to be arranged– there it was very helpful to receive several reminders from the organising team."

(Lutgart Stuyver, Artevelde University College Ghent and Werner Boumans, Karel de Grote University College)

Other countries

University of Economics, Prague

"The organization was great. My Team and I appreciated the location of the Fair at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität as well as the catering and location of our booth. Students came with their family members and friends so we could demonstrate great facilities at our University and either promote the Czech Republic. Prospective students were very well prepared and had some basic knowledge about programs offered at the University of Economics, Prague. Overall, I would evaluate this event as excellent!"

(Lenka Poskerová, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic)


Hochschule Koblenz – University of Applied Sciences

We like it very much – the BACHELOR AND MORE fair has now been offered for the first time and it definitely meets our expectations. The target group is very attractive, very interested and well informed. All the conversations we had were very intensive and detailed."

(Judith Sikora, Hochschule Koblenz – University of Applied Sciences)

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