Student Recruitment in Germany for Dutch institutions

Recruit undergraduate and postgraduate students in Germany with Studienscout NL – a campaign exclusively for Dutch institutions of higher education

For years the Netherlands has been taking the second place in the list of most popular study abroad destinations for German students. Studienscout NL is exclusively aimed at Dutch higher education institutions wishing to recruit students in Germany. The campaign's target group consists of both prospective undergraduate students as well as prospective postgraduate students.

The Studienscout NL campaign was developed in 2007 and is based on more than 13 years of experience in assisting Dutch higher education institutions with recruiting German students – making it our longest running campaign.

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The Studienscout NL online study portal offers Dutch universities, universities of applied sciences and business schools the opportunity to present their institution and programmes via profile features, banners and news reports. Online presence on www.studienscout-nl.de guarantees institutions an overall higher online visibility, especially through the close connection to social media.

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