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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the border concepts recruitment fairs!

Our specialised undergraduate (BACHELOR AND MORE) and postgraduate (MASTER AND MORE) recruitment fairs are taking place across Europe and enable higher education institutions to effectively recruit their future students.

What can you expect at the BACHELOR AND MORE & MASTER AND MORE fairs?

  • Exclusive target audience: 100% prospective undergraduate or postgraduate students

  • Targeted matching: Targeted matching between student and institution through innovative visitors‘ guidance .

  • Lead collection system: to start the follow-up process and to efficiently stay in contact with prospective students after the fair, exhibitors have access to our easy to use online lead collection system.

  • Comprehensive fair package: Full-service package and personal assistance. Exhibitors are also free to add a 20-minute presentations slot within our seminar programme.

Please fill in the contact form to request more information on our undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment fairs.

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BACHELOR AND MORE fairs - Undergraduate student recruitment
MASTER AND MORE fairs - Postgraduate student recruitment


University of Birmingham:

"It’s been excellent. We’ve barely stopped and had a huge amount of people visiting the booth. They’ve generally been well informed and were interesting to talk to. They were interested in a huge range of different courses..."

ESERP Business School:

“We are really happy because we met many students interested in our Masters studies at the fair today. Lots of the visitors speak Spanish and were already well informed about our school, that was really positive..."

University of Amsterdam:

“The cooperation and organization were flawless. We were always kept up to date. I think we will participate again next year.”

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