Dear business partner,

border concepts is doing business throughout Europe. We organize study fairs and operate several study portals and thus we are an important interface between universities, enterprises and potential students. In cooperation with you as our business partner, we have been implementing marketing activities over the last years which positively influenced the careers of many tens of thousands of young people – that is what we are often given as a feedback. And that is the point: Showing young people what is feasible and help them discover the paths they can take to achieve their goals.

Coronavirus crisis
Now the whole world is facing the Coronavirus crisis. In the beginning of 2020 the world still was “in good order”. Since March, the situation is quite different: Borders are being closed, Germany was on the brink of a complete “shutdown”, measures are being imposed on us which we never thought could become real in our free and individual lives. However, this approach is important to protect especially those of us who belong to a high-risk group. These are my and also your parents and grandparents, partners and the weaker members of our society.

Like all other enterprises, universities, schools, authorities, customers, suppliers and institutions, we have to cope with the big challenge of handling the situation in the best possible way.
Since 24 February we have been holding crisis meetings almost every day to get things clear, exchange information and find out about the next steps the politicians might take.
We try to foresee the possible consequences for our approach. We have successfully managed the situation to date and we have taken all measures necessary to organise our business operations in consideration of the interests of our customers, staff and their families.

Master and Bachelor fairs
The fairs originally planned for spring 2020 have been postponed to October 2020 and we are looking forward to our joint fairs in October. Safety for exhibitors, visitors, service providers and employees of course come first! We are therefore developing a comprehensive hygiene concept which will be ready on time. We are looking forward to the new fair season, which will of course bring with some changes to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner. Let‘s show young people what the chances are in their future when having a Bachelors or Masters degree.

New digital concepts
We’re now concentrating our efforts, to support you with your international student recruitment and marketing in a digital way. Our new platform was already released in June 2020 – we were able to gather important information during the 4-weeks test period, in particular about the behavior of the prospective students. With help of this useful findings, we will further develop the platform so that both – institutions and prospective students – will benefit from our platform. Approximately from autumn 2020, we will offer new events to reach out to your target group.

Take care and stay healthy!

Sending best wishes from the entire team

Karel Otte


border concepts GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 40
48599 Gronau

+49 2562 99380

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