The BACHELOR AND MORE Guide is a study guide that informs prospective Bachelors students about higher education institutions and undergraduate programmes at home and abroad. Next to a broad range of study possibilities, it also features study-related topics such as financing, admissions, study choice and studying abroad.

The BACHELOR AND MORE Guide is published as a print and an e-guide version. Through the combination of both versions you benefit from an optimal reach.

What are your promotion options as a higher education institution?

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Print Guide

The BACHELOR AND MORE Print Guide has a print run of 100,000 hard copies and is distributed among senior high-school students, A-level graduates, teachers, school counselors, students advisors and all visitors of the BACHELOR AND MORE fairs in Germany.

Publication information - academic year 2018/2019

Print Guide (Germany):

  • Copy deadline: September 2018
  • Publication date: October 2018

Have a look at the 2016/2017 Print Guide!


Throughout the year, the e-version of the BACHELOR AND MORE Guide is distributed to prospective undergraduate students via e-mail newsletter and social media channels. In addition, the E-Guide is sent to all visitors of the BACHELOR AND MORE fairs in Germany and Austria and is available on the respective online portal.

The E-Guide version offers the following additional features:

  • Multimedia-based content, such as videos or photo-slideshows, can be embedded
  • "Fun Facts" about your institution can be included
  • Links to institution and programme profiles on the BACHELOR AND MORE portal can be easily integrated

Have a look at the E-Guide!

Publication information

E-Guide (Germany, Austria):

  • You can join the E-Guide at any time
  • Advertorials are online for one year