Recruitment for companies with PRAKTIKUM UND THESIS

The PRAKTIKUM UND THESIS campaign offers unique opportunities for undergraduate student and graduate recruitment in the German speaking region. Companies have chance to present themselves as attractive employers and to recruit candidates for their internships, thesis work or other suitable vacancies. “Praktika” (internships) are an integral part of the German higher education system and students are keen on getting an international experience; therefore, there is a big potential for international companies to find talented candidates with a high motivation to work. 

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The MASTER AND MORE fairs offer an effective platform to reach a large group of undergraduate students and graduates in a single day. Besides higher education institutions presenting their postgraduate study possibilites, companies can present their vacancies among the same target group in the PRAKTIKUM UND THESIS area at the fair.

Target group: undergraduate students and graduates

How can you benefit from the fairs?

  • present yourself as an attractive company among motivated students and graduates
  • recruit new candidates for your internship positions
  • find prospective students for your thesis vacancies

Fair locations and dates

Masters fairs 2018

  • 20 Apr. 2018 | Düsseldorf
  • 24 Apr. 2018 | Leipzig
  • 04 May 2018 | Nuremberg
  • 08 May 2018 | Hanover
  • 09 Nov. 2018 | Stuttgart
  • 16 Nov. 2018 | Vienna
  • 24 Nov. 2018 | Cologne
  • 01 Dec. 2018 | Frankfurt
  • 05 Dec. 2018 | Berlin
  • 07 Dec. 2018 | Hamburg

Masters fairs 2019

  • 18 Jan. 2019 | Munich
  • 26 Jan. 2019 | Münster
  • 07 May 2019 | Hanover
  • 10 May 2019 | Nuremberg
  • 14 May 2019 | Leipzig
  • 17 May 2019 | Düsseldorf

Online portal

The online portal PRAKTIKUM UND THESIS is used by undergraduate students and graduates to search for attractive internships and thesis work opportunities. Companies have many different options to present themselves and attract website visitors.

Present your company with:

  • Comprehensive profiles

    Web profile of your institution and vacancies with usage of text, pictures and videos, links to your website and social media.
  • Web news service

    Publication of an article with a theme of your choice including a link to your website. The article is teased on the homepage as well as on the Facebook and Twitter page of PRAKTIKUM UND THESIS.
  • Teaser "Profile of the week"

    Picture teaser to highlight your profiles at the home page and all subpages for the period of one week.
  • Banner ads

    Place a skyscraper banner (120 x 600 px) to get more attention on the portal for your web profiles or your own website.

Our Facebook fan page with more than 30,000 fans can be used to promote your company by using promoted posts or customised advertising.

Study magazine

The MASTER AND MORE magazine provides you with an exclusive opportunity in attracting students' interest. You can present your company, internships and thesis vacancies through an eye-catching advertorial or advertisement.

Printed magazine:

  • 50,000 copies are distributed to prospective postgraduate students at universities and to all visitors of the MASTER AND MORE fairs in Germany
  • Copy deadline: September 2018
  • Publication date: October 2018


Warning regarding foreign companies that use our fairs for dubious offers

Our exhibitors have subsequently received highly dubious requests from foreign companies that pretend to offer services related to our fairs, e.g. update of exhibitors’ guide, sales of visitor data. Signing a contract can cause very high costs.
Please note that we are not affiliated with, or in any way engaged in a business relationship with these firms, and have never given them permission to contact our clients. Moreover, we did not give them permission to use our company and/or brand name(s). We dissociate and distance ourselves in every respect from these firms and the offers that they make.

We warn of contracts with the following companies:

  • International Fair Directory
  • Expo Guide
  • Global Promedia