Postgraduate Student Recruitment with MASTER AND MORE

Recruit future postgraduate students from several European countries with the MASTER AND MORE campaign: broad-range communication platforms for your postgraduate marketing.

The MASTER AND MORE campaign is designed to promote postgraduate study programmes among prospective postgraduate students.

Postgraduate Student Recruitment


The cross-media approach takes into account current trends in the information-seeking behaviour of potential postgraduate students. In that way, higher education institutions can reach their target group of prospective Masters students at several levels simultaneously and via the most relevant communication channels.

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E studentrecruitment@bo-co.eu

The MASTER AND MORE fairs offer a platform for higher education institutions to promote their Masters programmes and engage with prospective students at a fair booth as well as through presentations for a larger group of visitors.

Postgraduate online study portal

The MASTER AND MORE online portals are among the most comprehensive study portals in Europe, offering a broad range of information on institutions and postgraduate programmes. Higher education institutions can present themselves and their programmes via profiles, banners and news features.

A study guide featuring background information about various institutions and programmes. The guide will be distributed to the target group as print and e-guide version (with multimedia content).