border concepts is your expert in online marketing. We will be happy to advise you on your online marketing strategy and support your institution with its overall online marketing activities.

Online marketing is an integral part of student recruitment at higher education institutions – after all, most of your prospective students have grown up with the internet and use the web on a daily basis.

Online marketing offers numerous possibilities for higher education institutions to promote their institution, individual faculties or specific study programmes.

Our services at a glance:

An important advantage of online marketing is the high effectiveness with which prospective students can be individually addressed online. Moreover, the methods are measurable, allowing you to evaluate your success by means of concrete results.

Marketing via our online study portals

Our undergraduate, postgraduate and (E)MBA portals are among the largest and most comprehensive online study portals in Europe. The portals are developed on the basis of the Typo3 CMS-system and have a responsive web design.

Benefit from the broad reach of our study choice portals and choose between different options for your online presence: comprehensive profiles, skyscraper banners, “of the week”-features and many more…

Read more about the promotional channels on our online study choice portals:

Facebook marketing

Facebook is one of the most important and influential social media platforms worldwide, offering higher education institutions a number of possibilities to market their study programmes nationally and internationally:

Publication of display advertisements

Facebook ads allow you to work with images and to individually customise your target group based on region, age or gender.  

Furthermore, your advertisements can pursue different objectives: general branding of your institution, increasing fan numbers on your own Facebook fan page, inviting potential students to your on-campus events or transferring visitors to your institution’s website.

In cooperation with your institution, we can develop a marketing concept for your Facebook activities specifically tailored to your aims and target group(s). We will execute and regularly optimize the campaign for you and inform you about the success of the campaign.

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